Dessert Dumplings (Tong Yuan)

Dessert Dumplings (Customizable)

$ 4.00

These dessert dumplings, or tong yuen, or glutinous rice balls, are sure to visually please both adults and kids.

They need to be cooked in boiling water. Then it can be served as is or transferred into a ginger sweet soup.  If you prefer the convenience of just heating up the ginger sweet soup, please order that from my website as well.

I make sure I jam pack 2 teaspoon of filling into each shape.

These take on average 5-10 days to make (usually sooner than later) so if you are worried about the timing, please email me.

Skin:  glutinous rice flour, water
Roasted black sesame filling:  black sesame, castor sugar, butter
Taro filling:  taro, water, castor sugar, butter
Salted egg filling:  fresh salted eggs, custard powder, dry milk powder, condensed milk, butter
Coconut palm sugar: coconut palm sugar

All dessert dumplings are made in a kitchen that works will all types of nuts.

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